Daylight Robbery

Daylight Robbery is an action packed tale about two safe salesmen who have different aspirations of robbery. One carries to a daring raid at the Manhattan Diamond depository, and sets up a warehouse in Mexico. Both villains rob houses where the owners cannot disclose of the robbery and recycle the stolen jewelry. FBI informants, John Smith and Jack King, deal with the problem resulting in adventures and gun battles in Mexico, and finally in an FBI safe house in California.

Revenge Is Mine

There is a US drone attack on two Islamic State generals who are on the United States’s Most Wanted list. The men escape, but their families are killed. The IS fund a revenge attack for the soldiers to go to the United States on false passports to attack the White House and kill the president. The adventure starts when the refugee marches through Europe. This involves arrest and escape, murder, and earthquakes. Then on a cruise to the United States, things go wrong along the way. One is removed by the FBI in a hurricane. The other has to fool authorities in getting in through the back door. Help is available from sympathisers, and love matures. The freedom of the arrested soldier and treachery follows, and the FBI characters have it on hand, and it eventually leads to a final bloody showdown.

From a Jack to a King

The phone rang in josh's office. Josh Young is the FBI agent who handled the recent terrorist attack in Washington DC, Which sadly resulted in the death of the doppelganger to the president. He picked up the phone. It was John Smith. “I am surprised to hear from you after all this time", said Josh . It was six months since the washington attack, Oh i have been keeping my distance after the last fiasco, but I thought I should make contact in case you have forgiven me, and i might have some interesting information about a drug delivery."

Merlin's Secret

In 2019, Robert Hunt is a young man with no family, desperately in need of guidance. He gets into a bad crowd, eventually leading to a bank raid in London. Miraculously, before being arrested Robert is saved by a ghost named Viviane: the Lady of the Lake, who transports him to 600 AD, to the time of King Arthur.

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